Dr. Morepen Ortho Knee Cap (Hinged) KN-05

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Dr. Morepen Ortho, Knee Cap (Hinged) KN-05, Side Stabilizer, 360 Comfort, 3D Technology, breathable Fabric, streachable

Product Highlights:
Significant knee pain relief
Medical knee support for pain relief
Effective for arthritis, sports injury recovery, joint pain, swelling, muscle strain, and circulation issues
Professional knee braces provide stable knee support and extra reliable protection
Improves blood circulation and oxygen flow to speed the natural healing process
Keeps knee warm and lubricates joints, reducing inflammation and swelling
Boosts performance and prevents potential sports injuries

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Information about Dr. Morepen Ortho Knee Cap (Hinged) KN-05:
Dr. Morepen Ortho Knee Cap (Hinged) KN-05 is designed to offer significant pain relief and stable support for various knee-related issues, including arthritis and sports injuries.

Pain relief for knee conditions
Support for arthritis
Recovery from sports injuries
Reduction of joint pain, swelling, and muscle strain

Product Specifications & Features:
Professional-grade knee braces
Provides stable support and reliable protection
Improves blood circulation and oxygen flow for faster healing
Keeps knee warm and lubricates joints
Reduces inflammation and swelling
Enhances performance and prevents injuries

knee cap Hinged kn radium care

Directions for Use:

  • Wear as needed for knee support and pain relief
  • Ensure a proper fit for optimal benefits

Safety Information:

  • Read the instructions carefully before use
  • Discontinue use if discomfort or pain persists
  • Consult a medical professional if needed
radium care knee cap Hinged kn


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