Dr. Morepen Ortho Knee Cap, KN-01

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Dr. Morepen 4 Way Stretchable Pain Relief Knee Cap For Running, Gym & Sports Knee Support (Grey)

Product Highlights:
Dr. Morepen Ortho Knee Cap (Model KN-01)
Provides relief during running, gym workouts, and sports
Slide-on design for easy application
Contoured shape ensures a comfortable fit

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Information about Dr. Morepen Ortho Knee Cap, KN-01:
Dr. Morepen Ortho Knee Cap (Model KN-01) is specifically crafted to provide support and relief during running, gym workouts, and various sports activities. Its innovative design ensures optimal performance and comfort, making it ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re hitting the track, lifting weights, or engaging in sports, this knee support sleeve offers the stability and flexibility you need to perform at your best while minimizing discomfort and strain.

Offers pain relief during running
Provides support during gym workouts
Helps maintain stability during sports activities

Product Specifications & Features:
Color: Grey
Type: Knee Support
Exercise Type: Support
Sport Type: Running, Fitness
Slide on/off design for easy fit
Contoured shape fits left or right knee
Not made with natural rubber latex
Material: Cotton, Stretchable Fabric

Directions for Use:
Hand wash with mild detergent
Dry in shade
Do not dry clean

Safety Information:
Ensure proper fit
Do not use if discomfort occurs


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